Our sphere of cover for insurance includes the following areas;

Leeds Vonne International Limited - Insurance Services


Owning a vehicle, whether for personal use or business use should no longer be a scary road to take. Cover the risk of financial loss through natural or manmade injury arising from accidents and incidents on/in your motor vehicle.

Types of motor insurance cover include;

  • Third party
  • Third party fire and theft
  • Comprehensive

Covers available for motorcycles, private and commercial cars.

Machinery Insurance

A business’ tangible assets are well planned for through an insurance plan. The thought of losing equipment or breakdown in machines is eliminated through machinery insurance.

We offer necessary consultancy and services in trying to help you protect your equipment.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is not only about saving your bills and financial costs. It is more of finding a plan that guarantee you convenient, timelines regardless of your financial power we will do everything at our disposal to find you the right insurance that meets your needs

Property Insurance

We spend a lot of time and resources in securing property. The best thing we can get is an assurance that in the event of unforeseen incidents i.e. fire, burglary or loss etc. We are covered by an insurance plan that is customized to your requirements.

Marine Insurance

The movement and operations that go into cargo management can sometime lead to either damage or loss in property. With the complexity of sea transportation, Leeds Vonne International Ltd is committed to offer marine cargo solutions that will guarantee you confidence through transit.