Fleet Management

Our Fleet Management Solution

Every vehicle/s owner needs a guarantee that he/she can account for every movement or get value for money during operations. Leeds Vonne International Ltd looks at letting you find peace while we provide you with technology based solutions in optimizing and safeguarding vehicles and fleets.

Leeds Vonne International Limited - Fleet Management

Our areas of cover include but not limited to;

  • Fuel management
  • Fleet optimization
  • Geo & car tracking
  • Asset management
  • Digital Speed Limiter fitting

Do you have a reason to track your vehicle? You do not need one, you just need to make sure you are safe. Our car tracking systems are web-based (GPS/GPRS enabled), real time and will offer you the ability to have your vehicle or fleet covered both in and out of the country within the East African region.

We employ the based technology to help you either manage or monitor how fuel is used. Our management system is client based; you personally have access to the information on your fuel use first hand through a desktop/mobile device application or SMS alert. It is efficient, real time, secure and compliant to both market and industry standards.

All these services are optimized and customized to fit clients’ need. The system targets Personal cars, trucks, trailers, tractors and cooperate vehicles.